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MiniCorp Announcement

MiniCorp Announcement

I’ve got some big news. You ready?

Hanging up my CEO hat

I am no longer going to be the CEO of MiniCorp. An exceptional person who goes by the name of Jack Power is. He’s done some pretty epic stuff including meeting a hero of mine. Let me tell you about just how exciting this news is and what it means for the future of MiniCorp.

Since Jack has joined MiniCorp, he has been focused on developing our internal operations and realigning the company to its core goals:

  • Creating exceptional products for our clients
  • Providing our clients with a fantastic level of service & support
  • Plugging ourselves directly into the growth of our client's products
  • Providing our clients with a tangible return on investment

Over the last few months, we have been introducing a number of new internal changes, including reorganising our teams and streamlining our processes.

So what will I be doing? I’m going back to my roots and focusing on product delivery as the Head of Engineering. This is where I’ve has found the most amount of passion. I truly love delivering exceptional value to our client's products.

As we expand and grow the team at MiniCorp, it's crucially important to us that we ensure we remain consistent in delivering exceptional products for each one of our valued clients. Moving forward, I’ll be leading the engineering department and will be staying personally connected with each client’s product and its development roadmap. The truly fun stuff that I love.

Product Analytics Platform

In addition to the above changes and in alignment with our core goals, we are excited to announce that in the new year, we will be providing a new custom analytics platform to all of our clients. 👩‍🔬

This is a MiniCorp development which will be built bespoke to provide the metrics and insights that truly matter for our clients.

When a client comes to us with a new feature request, we want to be able to track and provide you with metrics such as:

  • Here’s how the platform performed before we built ‘x’ feature
  • Here's how the platform is performing now that feature ‘x’ has been implemented
  • You spent ‘x’ amount building this
  • You recouped your cost within ‘x’ amount of time

Let’s solve for ‘x’