Those of you who know me know that I’ve been involved in the building of an Inflight Entertainment System (IFE) company over the past 18 months called Media inMotion. It’s been one hell of a journey. One that I definitely learned a lot from.

It’s difficult parting ways on a project that you feel you have put your heart and sole into building. It becomes your baby. You live and breath it.

I’m very proud to have worked with some amazing people. It’s still humbling to know tens of millions of people will get to use the software that I and the team created.

Without going into to much detail, I felt that I needed to work with small teams who were full of passion and trying to get their products off the ground.

Introducing MiniCorp

So where to next? Meet MiniCorp. Our sole focus is on people, their creativity and their necessity to create products.

MiniCorp’s core focus is to help creative individuals create their MVP, secure investment and continue to help them grow until they recruit their own technical team.

It’s the exceptionally inspiring end of the market. By helping these companies shape their product, we are insuring what comes out of MiniCorp is great quality products. Investors are already taking notice and beginning to gravitate to what is being launched with MiniCorp. Thus increasing the ability for our startups to gain traction with Investors.

If you have an idea or just want to grab a coffee/beer — just shout.