If the goal of our lives is to be happy, why do a lot of people spend it complaining?

We hear from people who say they’re happy. That they’ve done so by focusing on what makes them happy. Not spending time or focusing on what they are unhappy about.

If we do this, the things in the world we are generally unhappy about remain unchanged.

Everyone wants to make their dint on the world. If you are happy you, you are removing making your dint on the world or changing it from the equation.

People who have changed the world for better know they have the hunger to do more. They’ve had a taste.

They are unhappy with the world and want to change it for the good even more.

As they change it for the better, they automatically generate a legacy. It’s a by-product. Not the core focus.

Doesn’t this mean the goal is not to be happy all of the time. It’s to action. To start. To begin.

Start now. Happiness is a meter and it grows as you make your dint on the world in your way.