How do you describe yourself?

How do you describe yourself?

How you articulate what you do or what problem you are solving, greatly affects how likely and how well people can connect you to potential new business and opportunities.

To me, my ability to connect people together is contingent on understanding what you do or what your product does. And I'm not the only one.

Take the following scenario for example. I meet someone new and ask the question "What do you do?". If they respond with, "I'm a data scientist that uses artificial intelligence and neural networks to depict the probability of major house price fluctuations". Probably by the time we got to neural networks in that sentence, I'm thinking "I have no idea what this person does".

I'm sure if I spent time deconstructing word for word the response I would gather some idea but the fact is the most people won't. In this scenario, I would leave never really knowing what you did or who to connect you with.

If they responded with something much simpler, "I look at how people buy houses to see what the future trends are", BOOM! I have it. I can now introduce that person to my friend Tom, who owns a lettings agency and would really find that type of insight helpful to his business.

Being able to describe in plain language what problem you're solving and drawing relatable references to popular culture greatly increases the organic growth of your products to customers.