When you start a company, you want it to be the best. You want to create and build it your way. To be a manifestation of your view of the world. The people within the company are the company. Losing one of them can often feel like losing a small piece of the company, but it isn't.

Hire adults

A core part of our hiring process at MiniCorp is hiring strong, confident and passionate people. People who see the world as malleable. They want to put their stamp on it and do not conform to the rules others have set out.

Doing great work is never about being in the office between 9 am and 5 pm. It's about having the time, passion and dedication within you to do something great.

When we hire, my job as the CEO is to make sure everyone has a clear road ahead. That I remove all of the blockages to them doing great work. It's not about wiping asses and giving cuddles. Although cuddles are great.

Everyone needs to grow

People evolve. Where they are now versus 5 years ago is an evolution of their character and person. A realization of their hard work and passion. They are on an evolving path or trajectory.

It's when the trajectory of the employee and business no longer align that it's time to move on and that really is an amazing thing.

The company has had the benefit of having that dedicated person in its growth. Plus, the employee has gained knowledge and experience to help push them forward.

It should be celebrated that when the trajectories no longer align, the adults in the situation recognize it, take control of the situation and create the best possible outcome.