With some recent events, I’ve spent some time thinking about how it can often feel as though life is lived in chapters. It doesn’t feel so linear, but segmented. It helps solidify my opinion that growth and decline often happens in segments.

I’ve always had the believe that there are two main categories of mindset. Strategy and execution.


A period where you are contemplating and reviewing your options in order to determine your best path forward. I often find myself in short busts of strategising. In a period where I feel I’ve almost paused time to push my periscope up above the water and take stock of where I am.

It can often feel that each day bleeds into the next. Taking time to review allows you to notice that you may not be where you expected. You may have drifted of course. Take this new vital information and you can course correct.

WARNING: Be careful how much time you spend in this mindset. It can suck you in and causing you to speculate, pontificate and review in an infinite loop. The purpose is solely to review and set the goal for the next chapter. Not the entire book.

The outcome of the strategy session should be to set the next course.


The second mindset is execution. What use is a strategy that is not acted upon? Once the course has been set it’s time to knuckle down and make it happen. You should allow absolutely nothing to get in your way.

Anyone that tells you that you can’t, you tell yourself you can, and you will. You look at yourself dead in the mirror and tell yourself that anything is possible. Nothing can stop you to execute. It is a force to be reckoned with.

Believe me, the person who is quiet and executes will always be chapters ahead of the person who is telling stories of how they will execute. Execution is not a time for pontification of admiration. It is a time to move the needle closer to where you want to go.

Rinse and repeat.