I’ve only recently understood how much impact the things I own have on me. I can’t remember where I read or seen it, but I remember someone explaining that if you placed everything you own into a backpack, consider the sheer weight of it on your shoulders.

I’ve started to become more mindful of what influences me. For instance, I no longer bring my iPhone or Apple Watch into my bedroom. I charge them downstairs and out of sight. This greatly impacted my quality of sleep. It was a small yet highly impactful decision that has positively impacted my overall quality of life.

That small decision made me question the other objects around me and even the ones I’ve forgotten about. I started going object by object and asking two simple questions:

  • Does this object give me enjoyment?
  • Do I need really need it?

Both of these questions compounded by my newly formed happiness for the removal of things has meant I’ve been putting a lot of my possessions into black bags for charity or the bin.

What’s the impact?

It’s strange to say, but in some way I feel a responsibility to the things I own. I feel they should be cared for or looked after. They should be played with or used as someone else in the world might not have the luxury of owning it.

Removing the object and it’s responsibilities has provided a breath of fresh air. A lightening of the backpack and an overall feeling of more freedom.

It also makes me question anything I’m thinking of buying. This has a positive impact on my bank balance which is always great :)