I'm constantly looking to improve how I get the most out of each day. It stems from an extreme fear I have. The fear that time is finite, it's running out and I'm going to die.

I often can't understand when people happily give up 30 minutes of their time but struggle with giving up €50.

It's possible to make the €50 back but unfortunately not the time. To me, time is the most precious commodity.

In order to maximize my potential each day, I've started researching more about morning and evening routines. Here are two top videos I'd recommend you to watch. They've had a major impact on me and how I tackle each day.

Morning Routine

After researching morning routines quite a bit, Captain Joe's walkthrough is one of the best videos I've found.

Take a look at this video. Joe walks through his preflight morning routine. It contains lots of great pointers:

Evening Routine

I don't believe Tim Ferris needs an introduction. New York Time's best seller author and overall body hacker, Tim describes how to wind down and prepare your body for sleep.

In my research, sleep is the most important factor to getting the most out of your day and feeling great. It even trumps nutrition.