My Daily Routine Tweaks

I do not touch my iPhone X, Apple Watch or laptop for the first hour of the day. I hang out with my family for as long as I can and I write out my todo list for the day.

My Daily Routine Tweaks

Recently, I've changed my daily routine to allow for new habits to be formed and to improve my overall quality of life.

No tech for the first hour

I do not touch my iPhone X, Apple Watch or laptop for the first hour of the day. I hang out with my family for as long as I can and I write out my todo list for the day.

I write a work todo list and a personal one. Each list consisting of 3 items maximum. I've had a huge shift in what my todo lists consist off when I'm undistracted by technology and notifications.

I've noticed my todo lists are more focused on larger goals of mine rather than quick wins and the coming weeks and days ahead.

Intermittent fasting

I'm blown away by what intermittent fasting has done for me. I've gotten substantially more energetic in both cognitive and kinetic energy. I'm more present in meetings, calculated in decision making and focused on the direction I want to push towards. I'm going to have dedicated blog posts on this in the coming weeks.


I essentially eat for 8 hours per day between 10 am and 6 pm. The other 16 hours I only drink water, coffee and tea. This allows my body to recover. I use Kevin Rose's new app, Zero, for tracking times which has been really helpful.

The commute

For about 2 years, I've driven a motorbike to work. The entire reason that I spent the time to learn to ride a motorbike was to cut down on my commute time to the office. I believed that the time saved was a great trade of against the potential danger of a motorbike. I've since learned that I had my priorities all wrong.

Having time to myself during an 35 minute train ride in the mornings has greatly improved my overall outlook on the day. I have time to listen to podcasts, read books and meditate.


Podcasts now play a major role in my knowledge sourcing. There are amazing podcasts out there but I'm going to list off my current top 3:

  1. The Kevin Rose Show — I cannot highlight this podcast enough. The content around health, technology and overall growing as a human is outstanding.
  2. The Joe Rogan Show — A recent discovery of mine, The Joe Rogan show is another winner. An inquisitive mind discussing amazing topics with amazing people.
  3. Tribe of Mentors — Tim Ferris needs no introduction but in this latest podcast, Tim asks some really interesting questions from some of the worlds top people.


Since the removal of driving to work on a motorbike, I now get to indulge in some reading time. This has played a huge role in expanding my mind and feeding it with inspiration and knowledge.

Since the beginning of 2018 I've read the following books:

  1. Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is Shaping our Future
  2. How to Get Filthy Rich In Rising Asia
  3. Fire and Fury

No tech for the last hour

Another great shift is training myself to put down all of my devices for an hour before bed (Kindle excluding). The shift this causes in the mind is huge.

My brain and body now prepares for sleep. It winds down with either a nice bath or some reading time. The speed at which I enter a deep sleep and dream is greatly improved since I did this.